“I had the pleasure of working with Hollis Chandler of Chandler-Wise a couple times over the past two years regarding some minor HVAC issues, so when it came time to have a suspected leaking coil checked in my HVAC, I contacted Chandler Wise (now Skyward). Jeremy came out, completely checked the HVAC and verified a leak at the coil. We discussed a few options and I chose to have the coil unit replaced since the HVAC was still in good shape overall. I was provided a very fair and competitive replacement estimate which I accepted, and was told the replacement coil unit was in stock. I had to work the following couple days so we set up an appointment for my next day off. Chris, Hollis, and Adam got it installed in just a few hours, and I now have good AC once again with no more leak. Very professional job with attention to detail and all technicians were great to work with and always on time. Highly recommended.”

– Denny C.